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Abbey Ryan - "Magic is still possible."

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This quote comes from a wonderful slideshow narrated by Marco Leona, scientist-in-charge in the Department of Scientific Research at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I think I was drawn to this slideshow because earlier in my career, as a scientific illustrator, I collaborated with plant biologists in the Department of Plant Biology at the Carnegie Institution on Stanford University's campus, and then I spent some time pursuing a master's degree in medical illustration at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Now, as a full-time painter, my unique background in the world of science influences my painting work, my artistic affinities, and my perspective on painting and studio practice. In this fabulous 4 minute slideshow, Marco Leona shares his unique perspective on the role of magic in the creation of art. Bonus Link: Since it relates to one of my previous free posters, The Met's Blogs on Scientific Research include one on dyes used in tapestries (and my related poster here).

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Still Life of Three Pears with Leaves, 9 x 12 in., Private Collection.

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