In addition to painting, I'm very interested in science and scientific/medical illustration.

As a college student, I traveled to the North Pacific to Pohnpei, Micronesia to do volunteer work at the Marine and Environmental Research Institute of Pohnpei (MERIP) and Pohnpei Agriculture and Trade School (PATS). I also worked as a scientific illustrator at the Carnegie Institute of Washington, Department of Plant Biology at Stanford University.

Arabidopsis thaliana - Published: Science, 24 December 2004: Vol. 306

Poison Ivy Identific. - Illustrator

Arabidopsis - Illustrator

Arabidopsis - Illustrator

Hip bone, carbon dust: completed at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine 03

Cucurbitaceae - Coquille board

Underwater Landscape - Pen & Ink

Coleoptera - Colored pencil

Procyon lotor skull - Carbon dust

Butterfly study - Watercolor

Red Milkweed Beetle- Plastic pencil

Beaver jaw - Graphite

Decompression Sickness- Illustrator

Handwriting Olympics - Illustrator