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NEW! "I found Abbey to be one of the most sharing and giving, as well as talented, of any instructor I've ever had."

NEW! "I loved how Abbey speaks about painting and the objects that we choose in mindfulness terms. So true -- just never thought about it that way. Abbey speaks beautifully and kindly to all, and I loved that. I also just enjoy being with a group of people who have the same interest that I do."

NEW! "The best part of the workshop was exposure to Abbey's process. I think Abbey is a very good communicator––whether discussing technique or philosophy of painting––I think Abbey would bring value to anyone’s experience––novice or advanced.


"Abbey is an excellent instructor. She is more than a 10."
-EP, Yardley, PA

"Abbey is a great teacher with unsurpassed talent and sensitivity. Not only is she an extraordinary artist who can direct and mentor her students, but also she is a creator of welcome, positive, creativity-engendering space in which to share her experience. This ability helps to put her students at ease and helps them to get psyched for their own painting endeavors."

"The best part of the workshop I think was the reminder/realization that I don't need to spend weeks on paintings. Simple, one-day efforts make so much sense. I love how Abbey keeps everything simple. From her philosophy on not "reinventing the wheel" every time you sit down to paint and her personal approaches to life, meditation, etc. I liked being reminded that it is possible to un-complicate your world."

NEW! "The best experiences about the workshop experience were: watching Abbey paint, the serenity and shared experience of painting with everyone there, and the permission to immerse myself in the experience and community. I loved the energy.
And of course Abbey is simply awesome. When an instructor can show one or two things to a student that improves their work, something the student can take away with them well, what more can you ask for?"

"Somehow Abbey manages to paint and describe her process at the same time. We learned a great deal observing her technique and hearing explanations as she worked.

Abbey is a soulful and supportive teacher who clearly wants to help her students grow as artists. She spent time with each participant individually, identifying each person's strengths as well as offering suggestions."

"The best part of the workshop is watching Abbey paint. Abbey is a sensitive person with a simple and honest approach to producing artwork. I have been generally disappointed in workshops that I have attended, but Abbey's workshops, especially the one in Sedona, were different in that it really changed my approach to painting."

"Since Abbey's workshop, I have learned to be more patient with myself and my color mixing and having a more positive inner voice when I paint. Abbey's philosophies about painting and life and how they are interconnected are present in the back of my mind when I paint.

I am primarily self-taught, so taking her workshop gave me great new information and fueled my creative energy at a time when I was feeling stuck. I liked the color mixing education that I got from the workshop. Abbey really took her time when mixing colors, incorporating several colors into each paint mix and I found that helpful to learn.

Abbey is a thoughtful teacher who provides a lot of philosophy and supportiveness to her students. Her dedication to education is evident. I found so many things that Abbey said in both the demo and individual instruction to be very helpful and will make me a better painter!"

"Abbey is really so very accomplished... it was very special to meet her and be a part of the experience of watching her while teaching... amazing what the end result was! To talk and paint at the same time is quite a skill!"

"In one to one discussions, Abbey has a wonderful way of communicating the things that are working and making suggestions. She is an excellent instructor, sharing so much information not only about HOW she does things but WHY.
Also, working in the Peto Museum and studio was AWESOME! There is definitely a sense of creative energy there. It was inspiring to see the ordinary objects that Peto turned into such beautiful paintings."

NEW! "The best part of the workshop was the one on one time with Abbey. Typically, I find it difficult to get serious, specific, actionable feedback. Abbey's comments are truly constructive critic and I sincerely feel she is "on my team" and wants me to succeed.

I loved the refreshed enthusiasm from the workshop; it was very encouraging. I enjoyed being in the presence of so many talented people and just talking and listening about our art. I think Abbey does a wonderful job. Even the class size is perfect.

Abbey is a great talent as an artist and as a communicator."

NEW!"I gain an enormous amount from consideration of her spiritual approach to life and her painting. This is the strength of Abbey's workshops."
-JCD, Yardley, PA

"Abbey's self effacing demeanor combined with her passion for painting makes her endearing indeed. I have resisted joining Facebook for reasons too long to list here but Abbey's offer to be part of her private Painters Collective group might actually make me change my mind! I will definitely consider joining and will continue to follow her on both eBay and her blog. I have always been her fan but now that I know what a lovely person she is, I have an even greater appreciation for her work... so much of her personality is in each painting. Her demos were invaluable. The students at her college are blessed to have her; Abbey is a natural in any classroom or studio. I am just sorry that I will not be able to participate in her AOY workshop in September, I am already committed that weekend. I am starting to formulate a way to incorporate her teaching and painting method into my smaller studio classes next year."
-CO, Morristown, NJ

"Abbey is so generous with her knowledge and feedback. I have to say my favorite part was the look on her face when she saw my asparagus and garlic painting! I appreciate that Abbey created a quiet energy that allowed us to absorb everything you were showing and telling us.
Her demos are so valuable to watch as they come alive right before our eyes... seriously I could see that happening in the first five strokes!"
-RB, Shady Side, MD

"We enjoyed the workshop immensely. What a great spot, and Abbey is a wonderful teacher."
-TM and JM, Lutherville, MD

"She was outstanding. It was wonderful and I would like to take another Abbey Ryan workshop again!" Q: Would you take another workshop from this instructor? A: "The sooner the better, should I send you my deposit?"
-NA, Yardley, PA

"Abbey's workshop was beyond what I expected and have experienced with other workshops. She was not only thoroughly prepared and a consummate professional, but Abbey really seemed to enjoy the teaching aspect of the workshop which really came through in her demo."
-CO, Morristown, NJ

"I loved our time together. Really learned a lot and looking forward in applying it to my work. Kinda missing it, too."
-PW, Tucson, AZ

"The workshop lived up to your expectations and more. I enjoyed watching her paint and also enjoyed her lecture on how to market yourself and get to know who your audience is."
-DM, Yardley, PA

"My painting process has improved; I have less inhibition about starting a piece. Now my work is less muddied and has a more direct feel. My favorite part was one-on-one time. I felt Abbey was completely present and committed to helping me become a better painter. Her suggestions were concrete and actionable. I appreciated her constructive criticism and at the same time felt supported and taken "seriously" at my level. I feel Abbey helped me get through a long plateau in my work, and see forward to the next level."
-RP, Peto Museum, NJ

"Abbey is a great teacher and a good person to boot! I really enjoyed her philosophy of art and feel I learned enormously from her. I am happy with my paintings and my progress."
-CK, Scottsdale, AZ

"Abbey is a terrific teacher. Her students are lucky."
-PD, Sedona, AZ

"Loved the workshop. Thank you for your time and sharing with everyone your talents. I ended coming home and wanting to finish what I started."
-CK, Sykesville, MD

"Abbey is a great inspiration to me and I aspire to paint more often as she does. Resistance is my biggest issue and laziness, time to get my act together! I hope to run into Abbey in the near future. Thanks for a great workshop, Abbey is a very patient and informative speaker and teacher."
-DM, Yardley, PA

"Thank you for the opportunity to work with an outstanding artist. I appreciate the small class size, so that we all had time with Abbey for critiques and feedback."
-DW, Medford, NJ

"Thank you for a great workshop! It was very enjoyable despite my struggles with oils. I appreciate her willingness to answer questions and share techniques and knowledge with me. It was a great treat to watch her demo from start to finish."
-MC, Langhorne, PA

CLICK HERE to see upcoming workshops and check out workshop snapshots